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Deere John, Lawnmower Beer Review

This beer has a really soft taste, almost like a Sunbru. It may be good with an orange in it.  The fine, champagne bubbles may be from our bottling technique, but it makes this beer easy to drink.

No wonder it is called Deere John, Lawnmower Beer, it would be perfect after mowing the grass or by the poolside with some friends.

For our launch party (which was on memorial day), our friends loved this beer and kept asking for more. In the end we drank about 20 beers total of this batch, which makes it a great beer for all types of beer drinkers.

One of the best part of this beer is how quickly it was to brew. You can be drinking this in 3 weeks, which is towards the shorter end of the beer brewing spectrum.

Would we brew this again? Without question. I don’t think this beer is going to last very long!

Get the full recipe on Brewer’s Connection.

Editor's Rating

This light American Ale beer is a bit like a blonde, and an amazing summer brew. Not only that, but you can be drinking it within 3-4 weeks, making this a fast beer. While I would love to share it with friends, I may be keeping this one for myself 🙂
Will I drink it? 95%
Would I brew again? 98%
Would I share it with friends? 89%
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