Scottsdale Beer Palooza Review

For an early Father’s Day gift, I surprised Luke by taking him to the Scottsdale Beer Palooza. We got there a little late, and my first thought when I walked in was, is this worth it? We received a small 4oz plastic taster cup, and there were plenty of long lines for people to try beer samples.

I was nervous at first. We just stand in line and drink beer? After we got our second sample, it started to be a lot of fun.

Using my phone, I blogged my experience of each of the beers. Of course, as we had more samples, the more my description got, er, interesting. Here they are unedited below.

1. Prima Puls, Victoria Brewing Co. A musky pine, has a hop to it for a Pilsner. Great summer taste, 5 stars.

2. Grand Canyon Amber Ale. A beautiful amber color, with a strong woody taste. 4 out of 5.

3. Green Flash Rye IPA. Great smell, strong bite and sour after taste. 3 out of 5.

4. Sonoran White Chocolate. Light in color, smells like white chocolate. Tastes like a Pilsner melted with white chocolate. Delicious. 5 out of 5

5. Peoria Artisan Brewery Honeysuckle Street Ale. Cloudy ale appearance with a sweet smell and a tangy After taste. 4 out of 5

Hilary at Scottsdale Beer Palooza6. Mole Stout from Ska. Smells like coffee, tastes like peppers and is sour. Trying some chocolate with it. 3 out of 5. Kinda weird. Luke says “tastes like heartburn. ” This beer had a really cool bottle, which is why I wanted to try it 🙂

7. Left Hand Introvert Session IPA. Smells like an IPA and is very hoppy. I’m drunk now. 2 out of 5. No line.

8. Bell’s Barley Wine. Wait, what? Wine? Smells like wine. Tastes like a sour fruit beer. Interesting. My stomach hurts. 4 of 5?

9. Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager. Smells like feet. Eww. Do I have to drink this? Luke says “it tastes like boone’s farm strawberry hill and ass. It has a glorious farty aroma and a wonderful hemorrhoidal finish.” It tastes for me like a shitty strawberry bud light. 1 of 5.

10. Firestone IPA something.  Look at pic. (I know think this is the Easy Jack IPA. I took my advice and looked at the pic.) Smells good. Hoppy. Tastes sour and hoppy. 3 of 5. I need food.

11. Shipyard Export. (They are out of Maine. ) It is light and woody. I just verped. Eww.

12. Venice Beach Beer Co Amber Ale. Looks like an amber. “Nice, easy, and mellow. This is not a date rape beer,” says Luke.

13. Sonora Honey Lemon Lime. Smells cheap. Tastes actually pretty good. Sweet like blonde with a honey finish. I can now not find which beer this was! It may have been the Sonoran Cultivated Saison. Who knows.

Not only were there beers, but there were tons of time share booths and some fun games, like human foosball!

Human Foosball

While we ended up drinking way to much, and our poor son had to deal with driving us home, it was a great event. I look forward to the Scottsdale Beer Palooza next year!


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