Fibromyalgia, Virus or Bacterial Infection?

It continues to shock me how little we actually know about how our bodies work. Yes, we can give people new hearts, lungs, and kidneys, which is amazing! We have come a long way. (watch The Knick for an idea) from what we were doing 100 years ago.

Yet still, we know so little. Like autoimmune diseases in general. Did you know, they are passed down through family members, and females are more likely to get them? (Reference: Women’ Not only that, but you can pass down just the group of autoimmune diseases. My mother had 3 autoimmune diseases. I happened to have this one, Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a weird one. They don’t know what causes it,  why we get it, how to cure it, and it only recently has become recognized as a disease (1975). Before that you were just depressed and crazy.

Could it be a Fibromyalgia virus or bacteria causing all this?

Dr Stephen Fry has a different theory. He believes that a lot of autoimmune diseases, especially Fibromyalgia, could be some infections (like a virus or a bacterial infection).

[quote cite=’’]Nearly all chronic conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are due to persistent biofilm forming infections within the vasculature and body. These persistent infections are invisible to the immune system because of the formation of a biofilm layer surrounding them. Additionally, they are resistant to the effect of general use antibiotics. By combinding the latest in diagnostic technology, the principles of the late rheumatologist, Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown, and by incorporating a whole-food plant based diet, a real and potentially lasting change in the health of the chronically ill can be achieved.[/quote]

Dr Stephen FryI met with Dr Fry last week. He explained his theory, took my blood, and said we will see you in the new year. When we get the results back, he may be able to actually show me pictures of the infection

Dr Fry also said I should buy “The Chinese Study“, which apparently proves how a plant based, whole food diet is the best thing for you ever.  He said his patient’s improve 90% just by doing the diet because these little infections feed off of fat and protein. Yep.

What is my diet exactly? Vegan, with no fat and very little protein. No fat means no oil, no olive oil, coconut oil, nothing. Vegan means no animal products.

This is the 3rd diet I’ve done. I’m use to it, and if it means I will feel better, then I am willing to do it. I will do anything at this point.

Dr Fry warned me that I will feel fine for two days, and then I will feel like crap. Well here comes the crap. My whole body hurts, I’m depressed, I ache everywhere, I feel like I got hit by a truck. This may last up to two weeks. I will survive this, I will feel better.

I’m up to anything at this point. I’ve had two people, one a psychiatric nurse practioner, another a former patient of his, who both highly recommended him. Let’s go for it. Another direction, hopefully some more answers.

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