Subaru Forester Off-Road Fun in Mexico

Fun is a necessity for anybody who has a chronic illness. Luckily my Subaru Forester off-road is tons of fun! My mother gave Luke and me some money for Christmas.  She told me part of it was to spend having fun with Luke.  Fabulous idea!

For under $300 we drove down and stayed two nights in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), which is only a 4 hour drive from our house.

While we were there, on our way to La Choya to check out the neighborhood, we saw some vehicles heading off road on this huge mountain/sand dune. I was excited. I loved driving my motorcycle off road, however for the last two years I’ve been too sick to do so. I also just knew that my Subaru Forester could handle off-road driving

We decided to go up the hill (Rebecca and I did have to beg Luke). It was scary fun going up.

Once on top, after we got over the shock that we survived, we started speaking to the other drivers who were up there already. Turns out they speak very little English. Even more fun!

They happen to have quads on top of the hill. One man offered Luke the chance to ride the quad. Luke was hesitant at first, however I said “Yes Yes Yes!”


Luke had a blast and later came back to give me a ride. I did not like being passenger. Next time I will have to drive myself!

After taking more pics on top, I thought, “We should video tape the way down.”

My Subaru Forester is awesome. Luke calls it a “Lesbaru”. That must mean “bad ass”. She is all wheel drive, has year round tires, and has the speed and steering you need off road. I am also so glad that I purchased high end shocks so she has no problem with bumps.

By far the best experience we had this Christmas. Thank you for the amazing present Mom! Oh, and I can’t forget to thank my amazing car, the Subaru Forester!

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