Why a Trump Presidency Scares Me

grieving processI was one of the many who were shocked by Donald Trump winning the United States election. Ever since Wednesday morning, I’ve been very vocal on social media (you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter). This meme I found on Facebook portrays my grief process perfectly.

One of the reasons I have been so vocal on social media is I want to know how this could have happened and let people know why I’m so afraid.

I had one friend ask me last night, after very friendly, political discussion that we didn’t agree on…

A serious question for you: what are your reasons for opposing him?

This is a great question for anybody who supports Trump to ask. However, it is more than just opposing him. I’m terrified of a Trump Presidency, and it has nothing to do with his policies.  This is why…

His Campaign Was Run on Hate

(and he doesn’t care because he won)

I’m not sure if I have heard anybody say that his campaign wasn’t run on hate. Lately I have been having a lot of conversations about what “hate” is. I’ve been accused of overusing it. I really don’t know how to explain to people when somebody is a bully or not. Here is a video. You can find all the rude and inappropriate behavior Trump has done easily on the Internet.

If you want that to represent you and your country, well, good for you. Not interested.

Why This Scares Me? Using a scapegoat is exactly what Hitler did during WWII in order to get the German people to support him and his policies.  Remember, he made Germany great again through the Arian race.  Under Trump, I can see another terrorist attack happening on our soil, giving him enough fear to ban Muslims and start registering the ones that are here.

He Has Business Ties World Wide that Haven’t Been Investigated

Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect. I don’t like her very much, nor do I trust her. But at least she has been investigated twice by the FBI and no charges were placed.  We have no idea what ties Trump has to other business around the world, including Russia. I don’t believe Russia hacked Clinton’s emails, nor do I care if they did. It seemed like we had years and years and years to investigate the Clintons and everything evil about them.

Trump? He won’t even release his tax returns (which he legally does not have to). How is he really going to keep his businesses out of politics and be bi-partisan?

Why Does This Scare Me? People voted for Trump and not for Clinton because they wanted to clean out Washington of the corporate corruption.  How is hiring a man with millions of corporate and media ties going to help us clean up Washington?

He Suppresses the Media

This is the scariest part of it all. Media is part of freedom of speech.  Freedom to say what you believe and think.  Now, is the media bias?  Well, is it run by humans? Of course it is bias! I don’t think there is anything out there that can be completely, 100% bias-free. We report as humans, not robots.

We have freedom of the press so we can read and hear everyone’s opinions and make our own.  Come on now, we aren’t stupid. With the Internet, we can read papers that agree with us, disagree with us, or both.

The problem comes when anybody says “your voice isn’t important”.  Here is a reporter from Univision, a Mexican news outlet, being escorted from the press room.  Trump, in the video, refuses to answer the reporters questions directly, banters with him, and then when it doesn’t go his way kicks him out.

I’m sorry, he was not being that disruptive, answer his question or say “no answer”.  Why is there a need to kick him out?

Then he talks of libel laws…

Where does that cross over into freedom of speech?

Why Does This Scare Me?  Freedom of speech is the first thing a dictatorship goes after.  Russia is known to have journalist who disappear or die mysteriously (or not so mysteriously).  The internet is the first thing a government cuts off when it wants to control its citizens.

He Will Do Anything to Win

I watched Donald Trump’s 60 minute interview.  He doesn’t apologize for anything he said on the campaign trail because “I won, didn’t I?”

I’m sorry, encouraging violence in your supporters is not ok, even if you win.  I don’t want to be from a country where you can treat people poorly and it is ok, because you won.  That is not the world I want for me or my future generations.

Why This Scares Me: When someone will do anything to win, people no longer matter. Morals no longer matter. That is apparent with Mr. Trump. Why would I trust someone who would do anything to win (including lie, cheat, etc etc).

He Isn’t Republican Nor Democrat

Trump has gone back on forth on so many issues, we no longer have any idea what is going to happen to our country.  He said he was against NATO.  Then he tells President Barak Obama he isn’t.  He wanted to repeal Obamacare.  Now he wants to edit it (who doesn’t?!?).

A lot of Republicans did not endorse him.  It scares me when a candidate is so bad, half of his party can’t get behind him. But really, we can’t trust a word he says because he changes his mind every sound bite. At this point, I’m looking at his actions.

Why This Scares Me? It shows that Trump isn’t by the people for the people, but by Trump for Trump. He will say whatever he needs to say to make sure we are appeased and he can get his way.

Our Election Wasn’t Democratic

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump won, I think most people would agree that our election isn’t that democratic.

94% of the 2016 events (375 of the 399) were in 12 states. NationalPopularVote.Com

Now I know people are for the electoral college. We can discuss that at another time, since technically Donald Trump does agree.

electoral college disaster

I agree with Michael Moore.  Trump has no ideology, he is a narcissist, and he is only looking out for himself. He won because he knew the system, played it, and played it well.  We now have someone in office that is backed by extreme white supremacists and Christians who know how to play the system to get what they want.

They have ways they want the rest of us to live our lives, and it is not equal. That doesn’t work for me.

Why This Scares Me?  People talk about how horrible the middle east would be/is under Sharia law.  What about a United States under a Christian law? Where the rules of Christianity rule over everybody. Maybe great for the Christians of this country, however Christians aren’t the only ones this country was founded on.  Nor do you represent even close to the majority of the United States.

History Repeats Itself

I lived in Europe for 10 years, 8 in a former communist country that voted communism in democratically.  If you are American, you might be thinking “But Hilary, Trump is on the other side of the political spectrum! You can’t compare him to communism.” Yes I can, because communism under Russia was the same as Hitler’s Germany.  A totalitarian dictatorship.  You were told what to do.

Yep, the communists were elected, only 1/3 of the popular vote, but enough to put key people in power and take the democracy down.

Remember that guy, Hitler? He was elected too. In a promise to protect people from communism. Oh good.

Watching this video, it is scary how Hitler came into power. Germany gave Nazis and Hitler a chance because the German government thought that “the Nazis could be tamed and made respectable if Hitler led a coalition government.” Of course, Hitler had something else entirely in mind.

Why Does This Scare Me? Already, I see too many similarities. Too many to keep quiet.

What are your thoughts? Write with love, not hate.  #LoveTrumpsHate

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