Belly Button Bleeding

belly button bleeding

A Rare Case of Umbilical Endometriosis? If your belly button is bleeding and you are trying to figure out why, perhaps my story will help you. I’ve been having major stomach issues for the past couple of years. I had my gallbladder removed, thinking that would solve the issue. Sadly, I was wrong.  I’ve been back … Read more

Suffering in Silence No Longer

I’ve been lying here, it seems, all day.  The TV has been on non-stop. First I watched the shows I DVRed the night before. Then I catch up on a new on demand show I can veg on, and I’m ending the day with the Scream TV series on Netflix. I think part of the … Read more

How a Vet Ignited My Love for America

American Flag

“I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America.” If you are American, you have already said to yourself the second line of the Pledge of Allegiance. At least that is how it is so for me. I can recite the Pledge of Allegiance in my sleep. Why? At school when I … Read more

How To Enjoy Sex Like a European

how to have sex like a european

I’m an interesting mix.  Spending all of my 20’s in Europe had some of my adult habits be more European then American. Recently I’ve been thrown back into the dating marketing.  Last time I was single in the US, I was in Bozeman, Montana, where there aren’t tons of single people. I moved to Phoenix … Read more

14 Reasons You Should Eat Moringa


We have a nutritionally depleted society in the US.  Fast food abounds and is SO convenient.  When one shops at the grocery store, our isles are filled with processed, high sodium, high sugar foods,  and synthetic foods.  The nutrients in our foods have been highly depleted over the years.  I know when I was younger – … Read more

The 30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge

Lately I’ve been having the problem of staying committed to actions I say I’m going to take.  This is as simple as promising to make an appointment and forgetting to do it, to as frustrating as saying I’m going to start to write my book with a month going by and barely a page written. … Read more

Is Tramadol an Opiate?

Is tramadol an opiate?

It has been very interesting to watch the conversation of pain pills morph over time.  When it started, I had no idea what anybody was talking about.  Because of my recent dependency, chronic illness and mental health crash, I know more about opiates and other prescription drugs then I ever thought I would. There is … Read more

The Top Medical Benefits of Marijuana

medical benefits of marijuana

Medical marijuana has been used to treat ailments from as early as 2900 BC in China. Today medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular as an alternative medicine. I personally have used medical marijuana to help with my nausea, muscle spasms and to help me get off of addictive pain medication such as oxycodone, valium, … Read more

Losing My Motorcycle, Losing Myself

Hilary on motorcycle in Arizona

What makes you who you are? Is it what you do? Is it your hobbies? Is it your friends, family? Sometimes I feel like this disease is slowly chipping away at who I am. First, it was my health. Then my work. Luckily both of those are healing right now. Then it was my friends … Read more

Turned a Corner: On the Road To Wellness

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I have to apologize for not updating you sooner.  I so easily nowadays get lost in what in how much time has pasted. I can’t believe that February is over! While this post is going to be very personal to me and is meant as an update for friends and family (I really forget who I … Read more