Losing My Motorcycle, Losing Myself

Hilary on motorcycle in Arizona

What makes you who you are? Is it what you do? Is it your hobbies? Is it your friends, family? Sometimes I feel like this disease is slowly chipping away at who I am. First, it was my health. Then my work. Luckily both of those are healing right now. Then it was my friends … Read more

Turned a Corner: On the Road To Wellness

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I have to apologize for not updating you sooner.  I so easily nowadays get lost in what in how much time has pasted. I can’t believe that February is over! While this post is going to be very personal to me and is meant as an update for friends and family (I really forget who I … Read more

Fibromyalgia, Virus or Bacterial Infection?

Fibromyalgia virus or bacteria?

It continues to shock me how little we actually know about how our bodies work. Yes, we can give people new hearts, lungs, and kidneys, which is amazing! We have come a long way. (watch The Knick for an idea) from what we were doing 100 years ago. Yet still, we know so little. Like … Read more