My Obsession with My Family History

family history

OMG. I’ve found a new obsession that is better than Netflix! At least for me, ok. 🙂 I’ve been meaning to do some research into my family history but have found TV to be more interesting, so haven’t done it.  I researched my family tree years ago (turns out 13 years ago. Ouch, I’m old!), and … Read more

Deciding to Have a Baby

Deciding to have a Baby

Is deciding to have a baby something we really choose? Or is it something that is automatic in our upbringing? Sometimes in our society, we have certain things so engrained in us, in our culture, in our upbringing, that we don’t even realize it.  For example, the idea of same sex relationships being even allowed … Read more

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables


When I moved in with Luke, I was shocked at how terrible his family ate. McDonalds, In and Out, and Taco Bell bags are regularly seen at my house. I’ve always been a healthy eater (though I haven’t always had the weight I wanted), but their diet shocked me. They are older though, 16 and … Read more