How to Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

When I moved in with Luke, I was shocked at how terrible his family ate. McDonalds, In and Out, and Taco Bell bags are regularly seen at my house.

I’ve always been a healthy eater (though I haven’t always had the weight I wanted), but their diet shocked me. They are older though, 16 and up, as a bonus mom could I really change their eating habits without making them hate me?

I started making some changes in the kitchen, and not only has their diet changed, but their exercise habits too!

Here are some tips for helping your family eat their fruits and vegetables.

Tip 1: Buy Fruits and Vegetables!

Look, if you don’t have it in the house, they aren’t going to eat it. Instead of asking your family “Do you want some fruits or vegetables?” ask them “What fruits and vegetables do you want to have?”.  Most likely they like something (Rebecca loves Kiwi and John loves strawberries and pears).  Start buying what they like, and if they don’t eat it, then you should eat it!

Tip 2: Cut Up Fruits and Vegetables

In general, our society is pretty lazy. We have tons of grab and go food, and not all fruits and vegetables are grab and go (apples and bananas being some of the exception).

It is surprising how quickly fruits and veggies disappear when you cut them up and leave them out for people to enjoy. I like to cut up fruits and veggies in the morning and put them in mason jars for my family to enjoy throughout the day. They seem to eat them more than fruits in tupperware containers, most likely because the snacks are more visible through the glass. Not only that, but the mason jars keep the fruit fresher, longer!


Tip 3: Put the Fruit and Vegetables at Eye Level

When I was growing up, fruits and veggies were always on the bottom shelf of our fridge, usually in the fruits and vegetable drawer. It is amazing how quickly you can forget about items in your fridge when you don’t see them!

I put all of our fruits and vegetables at eye level so the first thing my family sees when they open the fridge, is that. This makes them more likely to eat the fruits and vegetables then less healthy snacks.

Tip 4: Cook with Fruits and Vegetables

Listen, if you don’t have fruits and vegetables as part of your meal, then your kids aren’t going to eat them. When I cook dinner I always have a vegetable. When we grill, we grill fruits and vegetables. Because of my low FODMAP diet, I usually leave out the carbs and only have vegetables and a protein for dinner.

Because I’m cooking it, they eat it. They are also getting use to having a fruit or vegetable as part of their meal.

Tip 5: Try New Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone has different tastes. It is always good to try new recipes or new fruits and vegetables with your family to see what they like.  When I first met Luke, he had never had an artichoke or asparagus,two of my favorite vegetables that are a no no on the low FODMAP diet! 🙁 Before I went on the diet, I cooked them for him. He loved it! We grilled asparagus for Rebecca, and that is one of her favorite vegetables now.

It is always good to try new things. How do they know if the like it if they don’t get to try it?

These tips have helped me reduce the fast food bags in our home.  The kids have a choice to spend their own money, drive, and get fast food, or they can stay at home and eat the delicious and healthy food we purchase for our family. It is so much fun to watch them make healthy choices without having to nag them about their diet!

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