How to Kill Sawfly Larvae Naturally


Sawfly larvae are not fun things! We found out they have been eating my mother’s roses up in Montana. How did we know? We caught the culprit red handed. We then googled what could be eating our leaves, and through google images found a few blogs about these creatures. We didn’t want to start spraying … Read more

How To Grow a Pineapple

how to grow a pineapple

Did you know you can grow a pineapple from an old pineapple? It is pretty cool! And surprisingly not that hard. Unfortunately it will take 2-3 years for your pineapple to actually grow another pineapple, but it makes for a great house plant! Here is how to grow a pineapple. 1. Buy a Pineapple Yep, … Read more

How to Clone Rosemary


I hear rosemary is one of those plants that mosquitos HATE. Yes please! When we get a lot of rain, we get mosquitos. They love to eat me, and I am not a fan. So I thought, I think I need more rosemary. I planted a small rosemary plant in our garden (which is now barren due … Read more