How to leash train a dog that pulls

dog not pulling on the leash

We recently adopted a new member of our family. Rex is a 7 year old Manchester Terrier mix (we think). When we first met him, he was jumping up and down crazily, excited to be out of his cage at the shelter for a second. It was no surprise that when we brought him home, … Read more

What Makes Losing a Pet So Hard?

Losing a pet

Recently I’ve taken up having pets again. I forgot how nice it is to come home to a fuzzy friend, whether it is a dog, cat or ferret. When they are your own and they go with you wherever you go, there becomes a true bond. We come to each other for comfort. They don’t judge you. They … Read more

Ferret Bath: Why to Not Wash Your Ferret


Being new ferret parents, we are learning the ins and outs of our little fuzzy wuzzies. They are so much fun to play with, to watch them sleep, and to snuggle with.  They are generally easy animals to take care of, but what exactly to do is a bit more complicated. We got a lot … Read more

How to Reduce Ferret Smell


I remember when we were first getting our furry friends. I was so excited, I was telling everyone “we are getting ferrets!” The first words out of people’s mouths were “they smell”. I have to admit, I was a bit scared. I do not want a smelly ferret house. I’m not interested in being a … Read more

Why is my fish tank cloudy?


When we started adding some pets to our house, we decided to start small. Nothing is easier than goldfish, right? They can fit in a small bowl, they don’t cost much and don’t take much upkeep. So let’s do it, right? Our beautiful goldfish cost only $0.17 each. When we went to the pet store, … Read more

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Ferrets


We are so excited to announce our two new family members! When Rebecca and I saw some ferrets at our local pet store, we knew we wanted to have some. However, we weren’t going to do an impulse buy on an animal, that is a big no no. So instead, Rebecca and I did our research on ferrets … Read more