Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

Our family loves road trips. There is something about packing up and going that is just fun. Usually, too, it is cheaper than flying.

However, road trips can be a hazard on your health. Fast food and gas station food is so easy to grab, and healthy options are usually extremely limited. So how do you eat healthy on the road? Here are a list of ways to have healthy snacks for road trips, so that your next road trip doesn’t end up breaking your healthy habits, or your bank (yes, eating healthy is a cheaper options than fast food!)

Pack Some Food

We always have a cooler and a box of dry food with us when we go on road trips. This way, we don’t have to stop if someone is hungry, and we can choose our options and not be forced to do something that is not good for us.  Healthy options are simply limited on a road trip. But what do you pack?


Fruits are natures desert. Pick some of your favorites, but realize that certain fruits do not travel well and/or are messy to eat. Take oranges for example. I love them, but they usually make a bigger mess than other fruit. Here are what we love to pack for the road.

Apples travel extremely well (I’ve even taken them on the motorcycle) and are delicious. Pears are another good option if they are in season.

Grapes are a great grab and go options. You can pack them in individual sandwich bags or simply wash them and put them in one big bag and break them off as needed.

Bananas I keep with the dry food, and I don’t pack too many as they bruise very easily. Make sure they are on top and not getting smushed!

Berries are also a great snack for the road, depending if they are in season or not.

If you want fruit that needs to be prepped and eating with a fork (watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple) make sure to pack forks!

Remember to pre wash your fruit before packing it to get rid of anything nasty that may be on them!


Here are some easy veggies that you can take with you on your road trip that are easy to eat and need little prep!

Carrots are so yummy. I avoid buying the mini carrots (I hear they soak them in bleach. I don’t enjoy eating bleach!), so I buy regular carrots and prep them. If you aren’t up to doing this, don’t worry. The bleached carrots are better than french fries! Carrots also go great with hummus that you can buy at your store.

English cucumber I fell in love with in Europe.  I simply chop it up in slices and boom, a great, crunchy snack. If you want to add a salty flavor to it, add some soy sauce (though this can get messy in the car!)

Radishes are something new I’ve tried on a trip (this is low FODMAP and needs no prep). Remember, they can be spicy so they may not be kid friendly.

Safeway also has some great pre-made salads that you can use for your trip. These were a hit with our road trip.

If you are too busy to prep food, why not buy a veggie tray? It will cost you more, but you will have various vegetable options such as carrots, peas, broccoli and cherry tomatoes for your family to eat.


We love having various deli meats with us to munch on. My personal favorite is ham, while my husband loves turkey and chicken. Deli meats are easy to get and travel well.

If you are up to cooking,why not grill some chicken breasts? Wrap them up in tin foil so they can easily be eaten. This is a great way to get your protein, or you can add it to a salad on the go.

Other Healthy Snacks

We all love carbs, they are actually a little addicting. So what can we have that is healthy?

I love TERRA Original Sea Salt Veggie Chips.  I found this at Nektar Juice Bar, where it was $2 for a small pack! Luckily, you can get it on Amazon for $15 for 24, making it very affordable.

Quaker Plain Rice Cakes are one of my favorite low FODMAP go to meals. I add a bit of PB2 with water that I pre prep and yummy! High in protein and delicious.

If you are going to eat in the car, remember to pack plates, forks, spoons and napkins. We usually put these in a plastic bag so they are easy to get to. Also, it is always beneficial to have a plastic bag for your trash!


How to Pack Food

When you are packing your food, make sure that you put everything in your cooler in separate plastic bags. Your ice will melt, and if your food isn’t air tight, it will get wet!

You also want to make sure that your food is within reach of someone who can hand out the food. This way you don’t have to pull over in order to eat!

If You Can’t Pack Food

Sometimes we aren’t able to pack food. So what are some healthy snacks for road trips that you can get on the go?


Subway is probably going to be your healthiest option when it comes to meals. Avoid the chips and cookies and stick to meats and veggies!


Your second best bet is going to be Wendy’s. They have a great salad option, however, realize that your family may be drawn to their fries and burgers!

Gas Stations

Mostly gas stations just have terrible food. It is hard to find anything that is completely natural. They may have the fake “low fat” “fat free” options that have tons of sugar (Find out here myths about sugar). I don’t think their sandwiches look good at all.

There are some small options. A small bags of nuts are good, sunflower seeds rock, and beef jerky is great for protein.  If a gas station has fruits and veggies go for it. Most of the other options there need to be ignored. And again, you will have the same issue that you have with your family when it comes to Wendy’s. The idea is to not force them to eat healthy, but make healthy options easier than other options.

Anything I have missed on this list? What are your favorite things to pack for a road trip?

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