How to Clone Rosemary

I hear rosemary is one of those plants that mosquitos HATE. Yes please! When we get a lot of rain, we get mosquitos. They love to eat me, and I am not a fan. So I thought, I think I need more rosemary.

I planted a small rosemary plant in our garden (which is now barren due to some shade issues). Except for the rosemary. It is now a rosemary bush!

I didn’t want to disturb it so I decided to clone it. While it isn’t in great shape to be cloned, it did work! Here is what you do.

Rosemary-how-toStep 1: Cut off a piece to clone

Ideally you want a piece that has a green stem. My rosemary didn’t have any green stem, so I went for it and picked piece that looked like fresh growth. I recommend doing 3 pieces in case some don’t grow.

Step 2: Put it in some water

Simply put your stem in water. Make sure the leaves are out of the water and your plant gets sunlight. Change the water as needed (you can tell when it gets dirty.

Step 3: Watch roots sprout

It took awhile for some roots to sprout.  A watch pot never boils, my clone was ready to plant in about 3 weeks.

Step 4: Plant

Once you have a good root system going, simply plant your rosemary and watch it grow!

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