How To Grow a Pineapple

Did you know you can grow a pineapple from an old pineapple? It is pretty cool! And surprisingly not that hard. Unfortunately it will take 2-3 years for your pineapple to actually grow another pineapple, but it makes for a great house plant!

Here is how to grow a pineapple.

1. Buy a Pineapple

Yep, you need to buy one and save the top.  They are delicious, so it is totally worth it! Look at the top of the pineapple and make sure new growth is coming in. The first one I bought did not look good in the middle, it was black and moldy. That pineapple did not grow.

2. Cut Off as Much of the Fruit as Possible

You want to cut off all of the yellow part of the pineapple, and then some.  You want to be able to see some roots. Now, they may be much much smaller than this.


3. Place the Pineapple in Water

Now you want to place the pineapple in just enough water so roots will grow. It will take some time, so be patient! Check it often to make sure the water level is where you want it and that it isn’t growing mold.

4. Transplant the Pineapple

Now all you have to do is transplant the pineapple and you are finished! You got your own pineapple plant 🙂  Water it to keep the soil moist, not too much and don’t let it dry out. According to this site, it will take about 2 months for solid roots to form. After a year, you will want to repot the pineapple.

If you want more information or detailed instructions, go to Rick’s Woodshop Creations, he has detailed information on growing pineapples 🙂

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