How to Reduce Ferret Smell

I remember when we were first getting our furry friends. I was so excited, I was telling everyone “we are getting ferrets!” The first words out of people’s mouths were “they smell”.

I have to admit, I was a bit scared. I do not want a smelly ferret house. I’m not interested in being a crazy ferret lady. Yet I wanted ferrets!

When we first got them, they did smell. When you walked into the room, it smelled like ferret! They hang out in our living room, so this was NOT a good thing. I told William that we would give up the ferrets if they smelled too much. I asked him to give us a month to reduce the smell.

Luckily for us, we were able to reduce the ferret smell within 3 days! This is what we did to reduce ferret smell.

Purchase Goodbye Odor

Goodbye Odor for FerretsThis stuff is freaking amazing. Just add it to your ferret water, and their poopies aren’t as smelly! Super simple and makes a huge difference. I can’t recommend it enough!

It uses a blend of amino acids to reduce urine, feces and natural animal odor and will start working within a week. The best part is that it is all natural. It will not hurt your new friends 🙂

Clean The Litter Box 2x a Day

Yes, you heard me right. Two times a day. It actually isn’t that bad. We bring them out to play 2 times a day, with their litter box. When they are playing, we clean it. Easy peasy, and our house doesn’t smell of ferret dust!

We also put in completely new litter at least once a week.

Purchase Premium Ferret Litter from Marshalls

This was recommended at our local pet store and it is amazing. It makes a huge difference in the smell as it soaks it all up. And yes, it is available on Amazon, a 10lb bag for $7. Love it! Even cheaper than the pet store and I don’t have to go anywhere. Woot!

Wash Your Ferrets Once a Month

When we got our Kody and Shiro, they were being washed every week. Woah, that is way to much! If you over wash them, their skin gets dry and they produce more oil, which means more smell. They don’t need to be washed that often. Some people even recommend washing them less than once a month!

If you are looking to wash your ferret, try some deodorizing ferret shampoo.

Update: We have not washed Kody and Shiro and their smell has decreased drastically. From other ferret moms, I’ve discovered why not to wash your ferret. Blog post coming soon!

Wash Their Hammocks and Blankets When Needed

When we got our girls, we washed their hammocks immediate. They loved it! They started sleeping in the new one immediately. This will also help reduce the smell.Sleeping-Shiro


They Are What They Eat

Another tip I received from other friends of ferrets. What you feed your furry pals has a huge impact on how they smell. If you are feeding them fish, they will be stinkier than usual. On Google + I have found a great ferret community with amazing advice. I suggest you join. Their suggestion? Get your ferrets on an all natural diet.  You won’t even need supplements for the water.

These are our tips for reducing ferret smell. We ask our guests if they smell the ferrets when they come in, and they do not! Now that is pretty awesome.

If you are a ferret owner, what do you do to help control ferret odor? Or have you given up?

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