The Top Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been used to treat ailments from as early as 2900 BC in China. Today medical marijuana is becoming more and more popular as an alternative medicine.

I personally have used medical marijuana to help with my nausea, muscle spasms and to help me get off of addictive pain medication such as oxycodone, valium, and muscle relaxers.

Not everyone is aware of the medical benefits of marijuana, which is a pity because studies are finding more and more medical benefits of marijuana every day.  It is also a great alternative to some of the harsher chemicals out there.

Helps With Pain

As I stated above, I have used medical marijuana in order to help deal with my muscle pain and spasms. Medical marijuana has been recommended for people with fibromyalgia, multiple sorosis, back issues, cancer patients, AIDS patients, and more in order to ease their pain.

There are two main chemicals that are discussed when it comes to medical marijuana.  THC and CBD.  THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical that causes the user to be high.  CBD (Cannabidiol) is another chemical that helps with pain (though more research is needed.)

They are breeding more and more plants to have higher CBD content to appease to the patients who are in more pain.

Helps Patients with Epilepsy

Marijuana has been found to be so effective for the treatment of epilepsy that the Epilepsy Foundation called for an increase in medical marijuana research in 2014.  It has been so successful that in Israel are now starting to study medical marijuana for children with epilepsy.  This includes both smoking the plant and the CBD oil that is manufactured.

Improves GI Function

Marijuana has always been known to increase appetite, which is one reason why it is popular among cancer patients.  Doctors now think that marijuana can also protect the GI track and help with inflammation.  Because of this and other studies, medical marijuana is used for patients with Crohn’s Disease, IBS, and other GI related issues.

Decreases PTSD Symptoms

Unfortunately PTSD is an issue for many people.  This is when you get flashbacks, nightmares, or severe anxiety because of a traumatic event in your past.  PTSD is usually associated with soldiers who have faced combat.

More and more people are using medical marijuana in order to decrease their PTSD symptoms, though they do have to be careful what kind of marijuana to take. Sativa, which can cause paranoia, may actually make symptoms worse.

Helps with Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome is known for the visible tics.  This could be a noise, or a word, and is said uncontrollably by the patient.  A double blind study suggests that THC could be used in treating Tourette’s Syndrome.

Increases The Effectiveness of Opiates

Arizona has a lot of prescription drug abuse.  I am not surprised, given my personal experience with the medical system here (they are very quick to give you pain pills).  Pain pills have a multitude of bad side effects, and they are terrible for the gut.

A UCSF study suggested that the use of marijuana with opiates increases the effectiveness of the opiates by almost 30%.

Thanks to medical marijuana, I was able to completely stop my opiate use, as well as any other prescription medication for pain.


There are many, many other medical benefits of marijuana, and we are only at the tip of the iceberg.  If you are thinking of using medical marijuana, consult your doctor. Your doctor can work with you in order to provide the best treatment for your specific condition.

If your doctor doesn’t recommend medical marijuana, but you feel it would be helpful, seek a second opinion or visit a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana.

Make sure you also do your own research on medical marijuana and your condition. You can visit and see the most recent medical marijuana research.  ProCon.Org also has a number of articles showing benefits of medical marijuana, and others not so much.

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