How To Install Windshield Wipers & Make Them Last

It seems like every two years I need new windshield wipers.  In the past, I would just buy cheap ones and expect to do that every year or so.  However I’m starting to realize that is a bit of a hassle, and maybe with some care I could make some nice ones last.  Here is my quick tutorial on how to install your own windshield wipers and make them last.

Buy Windshield Wipers

Amazon can filter which windshield wipers will fit your vehicle.  I’m a huge fan of just because it saves me so much time verses going to the store.  Also you can read reviews on the windshield wipers.

Trico Force Windshield Wipers

I purchased these Trico Force Windshield Wipers from Amazon.  Keep in mind that the passenger and driver side wipers are different sizes.  Again, see what Amazon says (my back wiper for my Subaru Forester is also a different size), or you can check your manual (which is always the best! It has an easy table of contents; don’t be afraid!)

Remove Old Windshield Wipers

Surprisingly, the windshield wipers simply slide off and on.  Here you can see what mine look like when I have them taken off.

windshield wipers off

My windshield wiper came with an extra part that I didn’t need.  It took me all of 5 minutes to figure out how to install the new ones.

Use Your Windshield Wipers Every Day In Hot Weather

This is a tip a friend gave me.  Here is Arizona, it is very dry (which is how we survive a 115F!).  It does damage a lot of items though, including cars.   Ideally you want your car covered or the paint will be destroyed in 4 short years (trust me, my car’s paint is not happy!)

Windshield wipers dry out too, so it is always a good idea to use them at least once a day in order to keep them in top condition.

Lift Your Windshield Wipers When They May Freeze

This is a trick I learned when I started living in the snow in Sweden.  I also took it with me in Bozeman, Montana.  If your windshield wipers have a chance of freezing to your window, lift them.  This way you can start to use them right away in the morning.

Do not turn them on if they are frozen to your window! This is definitely a way to destroy your windshield wipers.

I hope this tutorial helps you in caring for your windshield wipers. I know I didn’t know this when first driving.  Any tips I may be missing? Let me know in the comments below!

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