14 Reasons You Should Eat Moringa

We have a nutritionally depleted society in the US.  Fast food abounds and is SO convenient.  When one shops at the grocery store, our isles are filled with processed, high sodium, high sugar foods,  and synthetic foods.  The nutrients in our foods have been highly depleted over the years. 

I know when I was younger – in the 1970’s our food supply was great.  We were eating “organic” back then, and not realizing we were eating “organic”.  Today our farmers have to jump through so many hoops to label something “organic”.  The regular farmers have zero hoops to jump through to put tons of chemicals on our food supply and not have to label them with the chemicals they do put on.  

What can you do to make your health better?  I know for me, I make a very conscious effort to eat healthy.  I eat many fruits, vegetables, grass fed lean meat, and other healthy foods.  I do limit the processed foods as much as I can.  Am I perfect? Absolutely not.  I do know my body appreciates when I make healthy choices.  I also know, I have to add supplements to my diet in order to get the healthy results that I’m looking for!

I played tennis for 25 years.  I was a great tennis player and played 4 days/week.  I have to say, my knees had taken a toll playing on hard court.  I finally quit in my mid 30’s as I could not do side-to-side movement without pain.  I also started to have issues climbing stairs or any type of climbing movement.  Being in my mid 30’s and having these types of issues did affect my workouts as well. I was and still am an avid exerciser.  I could not do squats, lunges, leg extensions, etc.  Pretty much….any leg stuff was out.  I always had knee pain.  And…when the weather changed!  Are you kidding me? I had pain.  It REALLY sucked!  Instead of playing tennis, I have taken up golf.  I will say, golf isn’t as hard on the knees, but there are other joints it takes its toll on.

Fast forward 15 years and I now feel like I’m 20 years younger!  I thank all of this to moringa, an asian superfood more people should be eating.

Traditional Health Benefits of Moringa

uses of moringa


14 Reasons You Should Eat Moringa

As I said, moringa has done wonders for me. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. There is a lot of research out there on why moringa is beneficial for anybody.

1. Moringa is the most nutrient dense botanical on earth. 

What is so great?  There are over 90 verifiable nutrients in moringa.  I have a hard time swallowing pills, especially vitamins.  Now I have a way of getting my nutrients into my body and it’s not hard!

2. Possesses Powerful Antioxidant Protection

Thousands of studies consistently show that diets high in antioxidant nutrients contribute to overall better health.

3. Helps You Achieve The Results You Are Looking For

Whether you are looking for more energy, long-term weight loss, enhanced nutrition, improved vitality and health, Moringa helps you achieve this.

4. Provides Natural Anti-aging  

The Zija Moringa has Zeatin, Quercetin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and vitamins, can support the body’s cells and deliver many anti-aging benefits.

5. Delivers Anti-inflammatories

There are over 36 different anti-inflammatories in the Zija moringa. 

6. Moringa Promotes Lasting Weight Loss

With the moringa based products from Zija, thousands of people are losing weight and keeping it off.

7. Minimizes Cravings and Hunger

Because of all of the impressive vital nutrients that moringa has to offer, cravings are reduced and can help curb hunger.

8. Boosts True Energy

Moringa provides improved mental and cognitive clarity via many amino acids and B vitamins.  This is a preferred non-addictive choice of those seeking sustained, all-natural energy.

9. Kick Start Your Metabolism

Moringa’s impressive nutrient profile at Zija provides a gentle nudge over time to improve the body’s metabolic processes.  This can translate to a wide variety of benefits, including sustained weight loss.

10. Nourish The Immune System

The body’s complex immune system requires a wide array of nutrients to function correctly and properly.  Zija’s moringa provides many dozens of these nutrients.

11. Promotes Healthy Cardiac System

Research on moringa strongly supports that moringa supports the function of the circulatory, blood, and the cardiovascular system.

12. Supports Normal Blood Glucose Levels

Yes, moringa naturally lowers blood sugar.

13. Enzymatically Active

Moringa is very rich in mitochondrial sirtuins, a group of enzymes existing in every cell that act as master regulators that divert energy into cellular preservation.

14. Supported By Modern Science

There are more than 500 studies on pubmed.gov that support Moringa.  Please search on this site:  Moringa and….diabetes, cancer, heart disease, thyroid, kidney, anti-inflammatory, etc.  So much will be pulled up for you to research.

I’m trying to get people off pharmaceuticals and on to something more natural.  I am a science nerd.  That is what I love about Moringa.  There is so much science behind it!

Where Can You Get Moringa

You can get moringa on Amazon, just be aware that not all moringa is equal!

What sets Zija’s Moringa apart from the rest?  There are 5 categories that affect the quality of Moringa.

  1.  Species.  There are 13 species of Moringa.  All have different nutritional content and value.  Moringa Oleifera is the most nutrient dense.  Zija makes sure it is using the leaves, fruit, and seeds.
  2.  Sourcing.  Moringa’s nutrient value is not created equal.  Look where the moringa is sources.  India, near the base of the Himalayas is the best location to grow Moringa.
  3. Shade drying is a more expensive approach that Zija uses.  What this entails is the consumer gets the most nutrient dense Moringa.  Sun drying the leaves can lead to ultraviolet damage to the product.  Hence, a less effective product.
  4. Blend.  Zija uses the leaves with are high in amino acids, the seeds which are high in fatty acids, and the fruit which contain powerful minerals for cell-to-cell communication.
  5. Manufacturing.  This process can be very difficult on a product.  Zija goes above and beyond to make sure the manufacturing process provides the highest nutrient value of the Moringa.

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 A Little More About Janis Thornton:

IMG_1359She holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and worked in cardiac rehabilitation for 10 years.  Janis used to help those that had a heart attack or bypass surgery, to get healthy again.  She would help them with their exercise plan.  She also spent the last 15 years in pharmaceutical sales.  So now….she’s trying to get people off pharmaceuticals and on to something more natural!  Janis is a science nerd.  That is what she loves about Moringa.  There is so much science behind it! Janis gets to follow her passion and that is helping others enrich their health, improve their lifestyle while increasing their wealth.

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